Piantine! - Clovers!

MUSIC for PLANTS - Second test

started on August 1st, 2021

This is an experiment on communication with clover plants through music.

We have two boxes, totally soundproof, that contain two sets of plants.

In one box we periodically expose the plants to a specifically composed music, another box is in complete silence.

We observe the results over time, keeping all environmental parameters identical, except for music.


CPU temp=41.9°    Now lamps are: OFF     Sound: (silence..)

External probe updated at 00:15:21    Temp=22.5°C    Hum=82.5%

Current date and time: 09-18-2021 00:20     Your IP:    Visits from last reboot = 70

IPCameras reading errors: 157   Sound play errors: 0   File copy errors: 0


Probe updated at 00:15:21    Temp=23.2°C    Humidity=91.8%

Image updated at 23:59:01


Probe updated at 00:15:21    Temp=23.8°C    Humidity=95.0%

Image updated at 23:59:02

WATER Reservoir

Image updated at 23:59:00

All is running on a Raspberry3 (with flask micro http server), custom HW, python3 script by GP 02.04.2021 - 01.08.21